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Beer Hunter Jacket Has a Special Insulated Pocket for Your Booze

Drinking beer that's been allowed to sit and grow arm is like drinking champagne or soda without the bubbles. It's flat, it tastes bad, and it basically defeats the purpose of wanting to drink beer in the first place--which is, first and foremost, to have a good time.

If you're the type to take your brew on the go with you, then you might find this Beer Hunter Jacket a fine addition to your wardrobe.

Aside from keeping you warm and protecting you from the elements, this jacket has a special pocket in front where you're supposed to put your cans of beer in. It's insulated, too, so your booze will stay cold for your drinking pleasure.

The Beer Hunter Jacket retails for $105 and it's a pretty steep price for a jacket, but then it's worth it if it really manages to keep your beer cold, right? Right.

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