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'Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome' Episodes 3 and 4 Ride the FTL Drive To Your Computer (VIDEO)

The gods of Kobol have blessed us with nearly twenty more minutes of true Battlestar Galactica goodness in the Blood and Chrome web series chronicling young William Adama on a mission during the first Cylon War. If Cylon humanoids rocked your world, just wait until you set your sights on Cylon animal hybrids. I wish I could get one as a pet but it would probably turn on me and maul my face like Siegfried and Roy, and I ain't got that German magician money sitting around to help pay for the medical bills when I'm missing half my face.

The next episodes will premiere on Machinima Prime next week and will air in its entirety as a TV film on Syfy early next year.

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