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Batman vs. Bane: The Greatest Fight Scene from 'The Dark Knight Rises' Rehashed

Whether you loved or hated The Dark Knight Rises, there's no question that there were a lot of epic moments in the movie. I'm sure a couple of those stuck with you when you left the theater last July.

Out of all those scenes, there's one that rises above the rest--the one scene that screams pure win all the way. I'm talking about the epic fight scene between Bane and Batman down in the sewers, where we see Bruce Wayne unmasked and beaten to a pulp, right before our very eyes.

The Dark Knight Rises will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray this December 4th, so Warner decided to release forty-five photos featuring Bane and Batman's grand showdown. They're shot from all sorts of angles and points of view, so if you've been itching to see a blow-by-blow breakdown of the fight, then you're in luck.

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