Bart Scott's Failed Mutiny in New York, Coaches and Commentators Gone Wild, and the Coolest 9-Year Old in Football Highlight a Crazy Week on the Gridiron

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Another day, another dollar; another week on the gridiron, another week of wild craziness. I don't know what it is, but it seems that the great game of football tends to attract some of the best and brightest along with some of the wackiest and craziest!

The past week in the game is proof positive of that. The New York Jets continued to put the Real Housewives of  [insert city name here] to shame with their entertaining yet dysfunctional antics. With the season winding down in college and NFL coaches feeling the heat, many of our fearless leaders are starting to crack under the pressure. Among all the silliness, craziness, and down right hilarious goings on in the game we still had a shining light that reminds us of all that is good in the game in the form of a 9-year old girl.

Bart Scott's Failed Mutiny

The New York Jets have been as much of a story off the field as they have been on the field this year. This past week was no different. Early in the week the big news was the unknown players and personnel who called Tim Tebow terrible. For the rest of the week we saw Rex Ryan calling whoever it is a coward and countless players trying to back track off any comments that were attributed to them.

Tebow took it all in in typical Tebow fashion and turned it into motivation to be a better person; as if that was possible.

The drama culminated with a win 27-13 win over St. Louis where even Mark Sanchez played well. While some of the guys took as another day at the office, linebacker Bart Scott just had to do his best to turn it into an ugly mess. Rather than just be professional and talk to the media he tried to force his teammates into a "mutiny" against the media (because its the media's fault the Jets are in need of group therapy).

One of these days he'll realize that the word he is looking for is "boycott." Maybe that's why his teammates largely ignored him, even when he tried to call them out and bully them into submission. In the end he talked to the media just like everyone else.

Coaches and Commentators Gone Wild

For a lot of the coaches it is understandable to a degree for them to crack a little under pressure or do things that may seem a little off for the greater good. However, the guys that have no real excuse are the commentators; the guys I like to call talking heads. These folks are often former players that are getting an extra 15 minutes thanks to their name. Some end up being good at it. Others prove that its not for them by saying inflammatory things in order to get attention.

Take former Jets lineman Kris Jenkins. While it is his duty to be impartial, it doesn't mean that you should say that you wished someone (i.e. Mark Sanchez) would get hurt so the team would have an excuse to try someone else. In time he realized what an idiot he was and backed off the comment (he's still an idiot).

Many of the talking heads like to act a little crazy too at times. I don't know if some of them are nuts or maybe its what they think they need to do for ratings. Maybe they just like to have a little fun too.

Take the gang from ESPN's NFL Kick Off. Rather than just talk about football they got a little creative and worked in a ton of references to a cinema classic, The Princess Bride. Inconceivable! Yes, I know-- but there is proof (from the November 11 show).

Not all commentators behave themselves though. Lee Corso is known for getting a bit animated, but he crossed the line last weekend.

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The charismatic Gordon is getting plenty of love from the football world. She was tackling Marshall Faulk and running circles around Warren Sapp (big circles) on Sunday, has been given shout outs from Brandon Marshall and LaMichael James, got to jump into the huddle at a 49ers practice, had milk and cookies sent up to her hotel room, and was even asked to sign the Wall of Fame at a popular dining establishment.

And she wants to play soccer.

And More... 

Of course there is so much more, but there is only so much space on the World Wide Web for me to talk about. If I could I'd tell y'all about Jacoby Jones getting smooth with Michelle Tafoya after the SNF game. Houston's Daniel Manning would probably prefer we not show this clip. One of the best of the week has to be this throw by Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman.

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