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Backup NFL Quarterbacks Who Got Their Shot and Then Kept the Job

San Francisco's Colin Kaepernickhad quite the coming out party last night on Monday Night Football. Kaepernick played so well that immediately after the game, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was asked if he would stay with Kaepernick or give Alex Smith his job back once he was cleared to play. Harbaugh said he'd play the hot hand. The way Kaepernick carved up the Bears' wrecking crew of a defense, it's hard to think that somehow a post-concussion Smith is hotter than the second year man.

That got us thinking around here at Egotastic! HQ about other backups who filled in and then just kept the job. Obviously TomBrady comes to mind, but he's not the only one who did it in recent memory. Here's the guys we could remember doing it, but let us know if we forgot someone.

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