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Apparently the Human Barbie's Look Might Be Faked, But That Doesn't Mean My Orgasms to Her Photos Were

A couple months ago we reported on Anastasiya Spagina, the girl with the Anime vagina. No, but the girl who changed her body to look like a human anime character. One of her friends in living color was the Barbie girl, Valeria Lukyanova, a woman who used make-up and possibly plastic surgery to turn herself into a walking, talking Barbie doll, most likely after one too many listens to the song by Aqua. But now it seems, Valeria's Barbie looks may not to be as real as she would have you believe. And if you can't trust an internet phenomenon's unconfirmed photos, than who can ya trust, folks? is reporting that evidence from a recent video (seen above) Lukyanova put out to her millions of followers is evidence that she uses photoshop to fix-up her photos in order to look less human and more plastic as the disparity between her look from photos to an actual video is too much to accept.  I'm not sure why this is A)-News to anyone and B)-Hard to believe. Shouldn't we celebrate that someone isn't crazy enough to starve and cut themselves up like a Mattel toy in order to attract followers? But hey, I guess if you're into living dolls, this may come as even worse news than when Milli Vanilli were exposed as frauds--Sorry, should've said Spoiler Alert for that one.

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