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Anonymous Jets Player on Tim Tebow - 'He's Terrible'

If you needed any more proof that the New York Jets' season is officially a tire fire and completely lost at this point, here you go. The New York Daily News spoke with more than dozen players on the team about their backup QB and utility player Tim Tebow, and they were unanimous saying they don't want him at QB. In fact, one defensive starter bluntly said, 'He's terrible.' That should make things fun at practice and in the locker room.

I'm sure being 3-6 and looking like one of the worst teams in the league for the last month or so isn't sitting well with anyone, but it seems like Tebow isn't the one who they should be unloading on. Multiple players said that Tebow hasn't shown any improvement since joining the Jets. You know else hasn't shown any improvement? The Jets.

Mark Sanchez keeps getting plenty of support, from head coach Rex Ryan and the anonymous players the Daily News spoke to. Sanchez, who is dead last in the NFL with a 52 percent completion rate and led the team to zero offensive points last week, will remain the starter.

Another Jets 'source' (not a player apparently) said that Sanchez doesn't have anyone to throw the ball to, and that some college teams have better receiving corps than the Jets. That might be true, but Sanchez has a career completion percentage of 54.7 with a season high of 56.7 last year. Each year that number had been going up, until this season.

Tebow isn't the answer, but clearly neither is Sanchez. How much longer the team is going to keep believing in him remains to be seen, but they did sign him to an extension last March that guaranteed Sanchez $20.5 million for this season and next. Guess that explains why they're playing him.

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