Alabama QB A.J. McCarron's Mom is Hot and Other Craziness From the Latest Week in College Football

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Every week we are blessed to see a whole lot of great action on gridiron. Sometimes it is between two evenly matched foes that give us a close hard fought contest. Other times it is between two very talented teams with the winner being the last one to score.

What would a weekend of great college action be on the field without some killer action off the field. This week we got some great off-field festivities courtesy of the Alabama-LSU game, a flop that NBA and soccer players would be proud of, Lolo Jones talking smack (but not jacking things up like Ryan Lochte), and so much more!

Alabama-LSU Doesn't Dissappoint

When you have two juggernauts like the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide getting together you are bound to see some craziness on and off the field.

Take the phone plight of LSU QB Zach Mettenberger. Poor Zach hasn't exactly been playing like a stud for much of the season, and when his phone number was leaked to the 'Bama student body who was more than happy to give him a jingle along with a few texts messages with their opinion of his gridiron prowess.

So after throwing a touchdown pass in the 4th quarter to take a 17-14 lead Zach went ahead and told the 'Bama faithful to go ahead and call him (because he's got there number).

LSU fans take their football and their rivalries seriously. So seriously, that one tailgater had baby elephant on his pregame party menu (see gallery). Rest assured, wild game officials did not need to be called; it was not an actual baby elephant--just a great use of symbolism.

Fans of College Gameday are all too familiar with one of analysts Lee Corso's things, picking his team by putting on the head of the mascot or a hat that signifies his pick. It was no surprise that he picked the No. 1 team in the nation in Alabama. What was a surprise was what had been added to the elephant's head (see gallery; you'l love it).

No picture said more to the world than that of Dee Dee Bonner, Alabama QB A.J. McCarron's mom. It leads off the gallery this week (she's the one in the middle). Love the name; love the assets even more.

And the Emmy Goes to...

The NBA has gotten so tired of all the accusations of players flopping on the court in an effort to draw penalties that they have taken measures to discourage the practice this season. After looking at this poor excuse for an acting job by Michigan State's Johnny Adams its no wonder that the NBA is getting tired of this sort of BS.

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I'm looking forward to the time they have Michael Phelps on and he calls the Honey Badger, Tyran Mathieu, to see if he still hangs out with former LSU QB Jordan Jefferson so that they can get together and talk...about football...not anything herbal...just football...

Want More?

There is never a shortage of action on and off the field in college football. For more of the fun that is college football just check out the gallery!

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