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A Sneak Peak of Anne Hathaway on the 'Dark Knight Rises' Blu-ray (VIDEO)

Relive the excitement; Relive the action; Relive the strange disappointment--The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray is upon us on December 4th. I was lucky enough to get mine early and already have a paused still of Marion Cotillard frozen into the screen of my TV for some unknown reason.  Besides a glorious print of the movie and Wally Pfister's (fist her? I hardly know her! athankyou) beautiful photography, the disc has more extras than the film has questionable plot holes.

Released early is one of those extras--a behind-the-scenes sequence detailing how Anne Hathawaytrained and prepared for the role of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. I'm still hoping to find the extra behind-the-scenes footage of her trying to squeeze her tight little body into that leather jumpsuit, but until then, enjoy the video above.

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