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A Couple Reasons Why We're Afraid of 'The Hobbit'

Remember Frodo? Yes you do, the small guy with really hairy feet who was kind of annoying, but also pretty brave. Come on, he was in that movie series, The Lord of the Rings? Where he walked a really, really, really, really long way with his BFF, just to throw a piece of jewellery into a volcano. There you go.

It was good wasn't it? It was, trust me. Well, a prequel to his adventures revolving around his Uncle Bilbo is set to be released on December 14, called The Hobbit. You've probably heard of it, it's pretty big news.

I know it was almost been a decade since we last saw Frodo, Sam and their Fellowship, but we finally have a Hobbit movie to get excited about and it can only be good, right? Unfortunately, it might also suck. Here are 5 reasons why The Hobbit trilogy might ruin the Lord of the Rings' fine legacy.

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