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Wonderbra Lets You Undress Booblicious Models (VIDEO)

You gotta love technology. This isn't the first time that companies have come up with an app + catalog combo that lets users interact with the text and images on paper, but this one by Wonderbra is probably one that you'd be interested in. For obvious reasons.

If you've ever wanted to undress a bombshell as hot, gorgeous, and booblicious like 21-year-old Slovakian fashion model Adriana Cernanova, then look no further.

Wonderbra's Decoder app will let you peek through whatever she's wearing so you can see her in skivvies, no exceptions. The app works with video, print ads, and store window displays, where all you have to do is point your smartphone over the the QR code (or her hot bod) and wait for magic to happen.

So you might get a few disapproving looks if you keep scanning the codes on random store windows, but hey, a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do. You can get the app (for yourself or for your girlfriend) in the iOS and Android app stores! Enjoy.

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