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The Matt Cassel Era in Kansas City Seems to be Ending as Brady Quinn Named Sunday's Starter

Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said today that the team will give Brady Quinn the start at quarterback this week, and it's not because Matt Cassel is still feeling the effects of a concussion from two weeks ago, but because Quinn gives the Chiefs the best chance to win.

All the Chiefs are really playing for at this point is a high pick in next year's draft, so the move isn't that surprising. Cassel has been pretty bad this season, throwing five TDs and nine interceptions on a 58.5 percent completion rate. His QB rating is barely higher than that at 66.2, good enough for last in the NFL. There were rumors that players and executives had given up on Cassel a few weeks ago, and now it looks like he's done as the QB in KC. 

It's pretty obvious that the Chiefs will be looking for a QB in the draft, and with Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Bray and a host of other prolific college quarterbacks who are going to be available, the Chiefs will certainly be looking towards the future. It's still remarkable to me that so many people were talking about Kansas City as a Super Bowl contender. Sports Illustrated said they'd make the playoffs easily. At this rate, they're going to be lucky to get to 4 wins.

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