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The Houston Texans Cheerleaders Lead off the Early NFL Lines for Week Seven

Obviously you've noticed that the NFL is deep into their breast cancer awareness campaign, just as they do every year at this time. From players and refs' hats, to gloves, socks, wristbands, sleeves, mouthpieces, shoes, just about any accessory that the players wear, they can get in pink for the month of October. It's voluntary and some guys really go all out. But some guys don't wear any pink at all. Philip Rivers didn't appear to have any on during last night's game, as well as a few other guys. What's that about?

Anyway, here we go into week seven already. There are six teams on byes this week with the Dolphins, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Eagles and Falcons all getting some rest. That means we only have 13 games, and of those 13, there are only four road favorites. So get your money out and start deciding which game or parlay you want to lose it on.

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