The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: R is for REALITY-RAVAGING- The Most Demented Video Games

Depending upon the genre at hand, video games will either embrace the oft-volatile concept of realism, or they will raise their middle finger at it with gusto; cackling in schadenfreude as Mr Reality plummets over the edge of a canyon a la Wile E Coyote. Sports simulations, as an exemplar, are testament to this. They are created with the express purpose of enabling fat guys that play with with their man-plums on the couch in front of the game to partake of an actual athletic experience.

Except they aren’t, even slightly. For any ‘sim’, nonetheless, it’s paramount that the closest facsimile possible of the actual non-digital activity is presented. This very notion explains why Television Smell-o-Vision technology was implemented in Going for a Dump Sim 2012.
The same law governs the limbs, rectums and bodily fluids that are propelled about in copious quantities in military shooters.

Conversely, there are the titles that would find the blood-bleeding corpse of Mr Reality at the bottom of the canyon and gleefully kick his bruised bollocks. Above, you can peruse some of the craziest games ever made. Bikini-fondling, custard pie abuse at weddings and stick-piloting halfwit birds await.