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That Sarah Jones Story Just Got Crazier - She Left Court Holding Her Victim's Hand

I was thinking of just updating the earlier Sarah Jones story, but these revelations from the her court appearance today just made this story more bananas than it already was. Jones admitted today in court that she and the former high school student had a romantic relationship including a 'sexual relationship and sexual intercourse.' This is the same Jones who wanted everyone to know back in July that the truth would come out and that she married her high school sweetheart. Guess it wasn't all champagne and roses.

Jones got five years probation for her guilty plea, then walked out of court holding hands with her victim who is now 18-years-old. Since she can't teach anymore, she's working for the lawyer who defended her in court. Also, since she wasn't found guilty of a felony, she gets to keep her teacher retirement benefits. Win win! The prosecution was having trouble with their case because the victim was siding with Jones. You don't say?


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