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Taylor Swift As Sextastic as Swifty Can Be in Glamour Magazine

Granted, most junior high schools girl these days dress and act more sexually mature than pop superstar Taylor Swift, who seems prepared to go through her entire 20's in the mode of the girl who nailed the Chastity Class final exam to take home the intact hymen prize. (And, yes, the hairbrush in the locked bathroom still remains a free pass, this is the 21st century, natch.)

Nevertheless, there's something alluring about this innocent singer-songwriter who spends her time penning doleful tunes about how her largely effeminate celebrity ex-boyfriends have wronged her in some manner that would only make sense to a girl writing in her Hello Kitty personal journal. We can't shake it, and these photos of Taylor in Glamour magazine, despite being more than fully clothed, aren't really helping. Ince again, we can only imagine getting her out back of the Tastee-Freez and more closely examining her Chastity Class final exam prize. Enjoy.

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