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Taylor Momsen Returns to Gossip Girl to Flash Some Serious Leg

Looking a bit like John Lennon during his psychotropic tripping days, the teen model turned rock star and teenage ingenue, Taylor Momsen returned to the set of Gossip Girl, a show left a couple years ago now to pursue her underaged drinking and smoking and stripping concert tour across the clubs of Europe. And, for the record, a good decision for Taylor that worked out quite well for us also.

Nevertheless, Gossip Girl does know what sells too, so, in the least, they do have their young actresses flashing legs, and Taylor Momsen has a pair for the ages.

Someday, soon I suspect, we'll see Taylor Momsen fully nekkid, and I don't mean blurred as she is in her YouTube music video, but I mean nekkid nekkid. And, on that day, the angels in your pants shall sing triumphantly. Enjoy.

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