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Tamara Ecclestone and Her Big Hooters Are Rich and Eligible Again

F-1 Racing heiress Tamara Ecclestone recently broke up with her long time boyfriend, some stupid dude who bought her a limited edition Ferrari last year if we recall correctly, which just goes to show how stupid men can get when it comes to hot girls. Dude, you lose.

And that same guy was on the outside looking in of the fancy club where Tamara partied over the weekend with some new guy in tow, in addition to her tipsy ta-tas which were on solid display as she wobbled out of the party spot, making sure her ex got a good look at the funbags he'd no longer be fondling, you know, despite that Ferrari purchase.

Guys, remember, don't buy hot girls expensive cars or puppies, you will come to regret both. Assuredly. Enjoy.

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