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SMS Fails of the Week: Bacon Funbags, Dry As Lube, and Three Kids Who Blow

Sexting. Who hasn't done it? I'm sure you have, and you probably also made a couple of blunders along the way, like this dude who wanted his girl to moan and leave bite marks and call him dad. Now that just sounds wrong.

Apparently, someone was also too selfish to share the bacon t#ts. You read that right. I wonder what those taste like? (No duh, bacon!) That's probably the least of Rick's worries, since he's crazy dry for the lack of lube. Pure Rick!

We've got a lot of crazy funny stuff for this week's SMS Fails, including a guy who will castrate himself willingly and three kids who blow. Sounds bad, doesn't it? Check out the gallery and enjoy!

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