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Sleeping Dogs Peels the Mask Off of Nightmare in North Point (VIDEO)

The volume of downloadable content efforts for Sleeping Dogs is impressive if not inspiring. After seeing various re-configurations of in-game items like costumes and weapons, the revelation of Nightmare in North Point playable DLC is something to get your blood flowing. This is a good thing with all of the undead that will be running around terrorizing Hong Kong this Halloween. Fortunately for you, our main character, Wei Shen, seems to have developed some special martial arts powers similar to "The Glow" featured in the 1985 film The Last Dragon. In that movie punches came with explosive lights and devastating effects. There was lots of breakdancing too.

Watch the trailer for Nightmare in North Point and see if you've got the cojones to kick the ass of some Terra Cotta Army soldiers come to life.

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