Samus Aran and the Top 7 Hottest Blondes in Gaming

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If you're a dedicated reader, you may be thinking 'what's the deal? Didn't you already do a Top 7 list on the hottest women in gaming?'.

Well, first of all, thanks for reading. I did do a Top 7 on the hottest women in gaming; it was the very first Top 7 that kicked off the whole series. I like to change these lists up every week to give a wide variety of topics relating to the video game industry but this is Egotastic we're talking about here. I know what you guys want. You loved the 'hottest women' and you loved the 'greatest sex scenes' so I'm talking the first of the two and breaking it down and really dissecting it...because you know you want it.

For the next month, we'll be taking a look at the hottest blondes, brunettes, redheads and 'other' in the video game industry. That's like...four times as many women and we all know that can never be a bad thing. People say blondes do it better...let's see if they're right.

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