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Red-Band 'Evil Dead' Remake Trailer is Heavy on Blood and Guts, Light on Ash (VIDEO)

So I'm torn. I have a Fatal Attraction-style crush on star Jane Levy, but at the same time I'm hesitant of horror remakes, especially one of Evil Dead that doesn't even include Ash. The fact that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are heavily involved in the new film reassures me slightly, though then again it's shot to look like every other horror movie of the last five years. But then there's Jane Levy again. Damn. This is tough.

The trailer certainly isn't short on horror and blood, so at least you know this isn't going to be some PG-13 milquetoast adaptation of Evil Dead. Did Jane Levy just gouge the flesh from her cheek and cut her tongue in two? I think so. I guess that's still hot? I don't know. Judge for yourself.

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