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Priscilla Caripan Doubles-Down on the Super Sextastic for Spain's DSS Magazine

Oh, Canada, our home and native land.

Somebody a few weeks ago tried to rip us a new a-hole (I think that would be our third) for not being kind enough to our Cannuckian neighbors to the Great White North, but nothing could be further from the truth. We kid the Maple Leaf nation, but we kid in friendship, for surely, we want your warm in the winter type hot women.

Lovely ladies such as model delicious Priscilla Caripan, the half-Sudamericana half-Toronto born multi-ethnic eye-candy that fills the pages of this month's DSS magazine with sextastic abandon. Little swimsuits, lingerie, boudoir items, on that ridiculously hot body and a killer look that can only be described as 'I'll leave you broke and in despair, but we'll have a great time getting you there'. Oh, how we love and fall every time for that look. Enjoy.

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