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Pollyanna Woodward Barely Covers Her Gadgets for 2013 Naughty Calendar

For those not in the know and already habitual Pollyanna Woodward wankers, Pollyanna (Jesus, you really have to wank to a girl with that name) is the cute and lovable blonde co-hostess of The Gadget Show in the U.K.

Think of her as Olivia Munn from her G4 days mixed with Kari Byron, and you might have some idea how many Britty fanboys are in their Tudor style basements making a mockery of all the chastity rules they learned in religious school. She is a minx.

And, by way of even better introduction, check out some ridiculously hot photos of Pollyanna from her 2013 calendar, just naughty enough to test out your own technical parts. Or, imagine Pollyanna helping you with that. Enjoy.

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