Nicole Scherzinger Cleavetastic Rack for For First Live Evening of X-Factor

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I guess it's a big deal or something when shows like X-Factor go to live performance nights, because instead of being completely staged event, they can only be mostly staged events, and the viewers get all in a tizzy as the sob-stories sing their hearts out for the chance to be the next completely messed up music star. It is a thing. And a wonderful thing at that when X-Factor judge hottie Nicole Scherzinger decides that she's going to make the first live performance show of the season with a ridiculously, but blessedly, hot and revealing low cut golden dress than flashed a good amount of her golden apples.

Reality TV and singing shows, not necessarily our cup of tea. But hot female boobtastic celebrity hostesses -- well, we'd like those two sugar in our tea please (not to mention the milk). Enjoy.

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