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NFL Cheerleaders Know How to Do Halloween Costumes the Right Way

It's not uncommon to see plenty of adult women dressed as cheerleaders on Halloween. It's long been the tradition for women to wear as little as possible for that one night a year and really show themselves off. Costume makers know this, that's why nearly every costume comes in a 'sexy' version. Sexy Strawberry Shortcake, sexy nurse, now there's even a sexy hamburger. Wait, what?

But what if you dress as a cheerleader during football season because that's what you do on Sundays? Well, NFL cheerleaders just do it up with a multitude of sexy whatever they want.

Most of these are from the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders last year, so of course there's a sexy Elvis. The sexy Robin doing a flip is a Ravens cheerleader, so kudos to her for taking the sidekick role to a new level.

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