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Miranda Kerr Lingerie in Motion for 'Seduction' Stank from Victoria's Secret (VIDEO)

Miranda Kerr is full steaminess ahead as she ramps up and pumps up her lingerie shoots for Victoria's Secret, including their new 'Seduction' aroma, err, perfume product that matches perfectly with little skimpy and naughty silky bits.

To say it's a simple match between Miranda Kerr and the word 'seduction', goes without saying; personally, we'd like to see her in promotional campaigns called Wood, Arousal, and Completely Nekkid. Granted, the latter would be a tough way to sell clothing, but we'd be most thankful to the good folks at Victoria's Secret if they would perform such a civic duty.

Miranda Kerr is uber-sextastic in photographic stills. Check her out in motion with Lais Ribeiro and see the lust inducement factor triple, guaranteed. Enjoy.

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