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Miranda Kerr Bra and Panties Show for Victoria's Secret Leaves Us Feeling Happy Broke

Yes, it's just a commercial. A photoshoot designed to get you the consumer to go online or call up Victoria's Secret and order a whole mess of little silky underthings because Aussie uber-sextastic lingerie model Miranda Kerr looks so effin' faptastic in these very same bits of clothing.

And, it works so damn well.

I'm not even a woman (not yet, not til they assure me that the new wave of artificial vaginas will contain Wi-Fi and the NFL Watch Anywhere package) and I'm already into three figures of shopping with V.S. just on my curent order. I keep thinking if I just buy every single bit of lingerie the company has to sell, that they will eventually have to remove the clothes right off of Miranda to ship them out to me. It's a longshot strategy at best, especially on a minimum wage (plus tips) salary here at Egotastic!, but I believe it's all about the execution. Plus, Miranda Kerr makes me stupid. Enjoy.

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