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Miranda Kerr Active in Underwear in Sweet Sextastic New V.S. Photoshoot

Miranda Kerr is back in business with full on Victoria's Secret photoshoots; it's like a great ballplayer returning to the field after a long absence, sometimes, you forget just how amazing they were until you see them in action again.

And, Miranda Kerr is one great ballplayer.

The uber-sextastic Aussie MILF knows how to make everything she wears, or doesn't wear, for the cameras, look like the sexiest bit of garments ever sewn. It's that sweet face, alluring eyes, and that killer body in some kind of magical formula for the maximum stimulation of reproductive thoughts. It's as if Miranda Kerr was the actual physical image implanted in male DNA millions of years ago triggering the overwhelming desire for fornication and, thereby, continuation of the species. We have so much to thank Miranda for, but, today, just how amazing she looks in lingerie ought do. Enjoy.

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