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Mass Effect 3 Mod for Naughty Gamers Adds Funbags to Your Game

Mass Effect 3 and boobies. What's not to like? Normally the gun-toting, bad-ass women of ME3 have all their lady parts covered up, but not if you've got the Naughty Gamer mod on your system. It's a fun albeit very perverted way to play the game--and it's only for dudes (and dudettes) eighteen years old and above.

One look at the gallery and you'll understand why this is so.

The mod was created by fellow pervert gamer Titandestroyer, who explained his motivation behind his awesome mod:

As a gaming nerd, like any other gaming nerd, as well as computer nerds in general, I have this immature side, that just want to see nude or semi-nude babes in my games.

Just run the game and the women of ME3 will instantly reveal what's under their tight suits for your curious eyes to see. You can get the mod here.

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