Look Out ‘Bama! Florida is for Real! (and the Best of the Rest in College Football Action!)

Well Sports Fans, I think it is safe to say that the men are starting to seperate themselves from the boys. It's almost a shame that we don't have the four-team playoff system in place this year since it appears that we have five teams that are far and away better than the rest.

I'm talking about Florida, Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame of course. All four won; Notre Dame is the only one that didn't smash its opponent on the scoreboard (but they aren't exactly known for their offense anyway).

Of the four that could end up challenging Alabama (because those guys will have to suit up the local pee wee team to lose) for the national title, it was the Florida Gators who really set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. South Carolina had been looking like a competitor as well; especially after defeating Georgia recently in spectacular fashion. They still appeared worthy after a close loss to LSU, but the Gators made them look like pretenders in competitors clothing. Florida had less than 200 yards offense but still managed to score 44 points!

Not only did Florida show they mean business, but LSU showed they aren't out of it yet. Kansas State has a Heisman front-runner in Colin Klein, and I have to wonder if Oregon might have a hard time playing an entire game along since they haven't had to all season.

For more on the above teams and the best of the rest in college football this past weekend check out the gallery!

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