Livia Brito Covered Topless Photoshoot For the Hot Bodied Triunfo del Amor

You know of our love and lust for all things Spanish-language soap opera. The array of sextastic thespianics in the Latin telenovelas is simply astounding. Add to this list the sultry brooding dark and extra hot Livia Brito, a Cuban born actress who has not only starred in one of our all-time smoking hot actress filled soap, Triunfo del Amor, but this month also stars in a spectacular half-nekkid photoshoot for H Para Hombres magazine.

To gaze upon Livia’s sumptuous body is to feel the slap of a scorned telenovela star who has just discovered that you have been sleeping with her sister. Oh, to feel such stinging from the amazing likes of Livia Brito someday. Enjoy.