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Let's Check Out What Was Going On in NFL Stands in Week Seven

There's a lot of grumbling around the sports sites today that there was nothing going on last night. But that's not completely true. There was some preseason NBA, and a college football game between Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette which was a 50-27 blowout by A-State. I actually watched some of that game and it was entertaining.

So yeah, there really wasn't much sports to talk about. But it's Wednesday so it's time to take our weekly look back at the week that was in the NFL and the fandom that was going on. Not a lot to sift through from the photo agency, but what was there wasn't disappointing. The Packers got some love on the road, and once again the Houston fans were photographed more than any other fans. Fine with me, they get into their team, and they should. The Texans look like the best team in the AFC right now, with a huge gap between whoever is second.

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