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Kim Kardashian Cleavage Display Reminds You Why You Can't Totally Dislike Kim Kardashian

Yes, there are the obvious and glaring personal character flaws when talking Kim Kardashian, but I defy you to be raised by Kris Jenner and not come out a money and fame obsessed top heavy mannequin. It's like being raised by a football coach dad. You're gonna play football at some point. So, on this day when Kim was flashing her milky melons with deep deep cleavage in Miami, can't we just forgive, or at least forget, that she is about as real as her boobs?

The entire Kardashian Mafia was down in South Florida over the weekend pretending to be real for the cameras of their spinoff reality show, Kardashians for Sale, Five Dolla to Make You Holla, and the entire family got into a dragon boat kayak for some river racing, because, well, because show producers ran out of ideas halfway through the first episode of the first season of the craptastic reams of videotape shot for the purposes of pleasing 2.3 million zombie female audience members who believe Khloe is 'wonderful'.

You want to know what is wonderful about The Kardashians? Kim's funbags. An, thankfully, that wonderful was on full display this weekend. Enjoy.

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