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Kate Upton Cleavetastic at 'Casting By' Premiere in The Big Apple

Kate Upton cleavage is not the perfect addition to any event, including, and most definitely, personal parties for two.

Kate showed up to the New York Film Festival, mostly I think because it's actually impossible to go out in any city these days without just accidentally walking into the middle of a film festival (let's put it this way, there are far more film festivals than good films). Nevertheless, the minute Kate shows up in a low cut, fantastic boobtastic revealing dress, it's more than a festival, it's a feast for the visual receptors. When you see Kate Upton, it's impossible not to feel ten million years of evolution churning inside your cordoned-off areas just yearning to fulfill your procreative destiny.

Such is the power of Mother Nature, and one of her fairest creations, cleavetastic Kate. Enjoy.

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