Kate Upton Bikini Picture Outtakes from Terry Richardson's GQ Photoshoot

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We're not exactly sure what Terry Richardson was in his previous life, but it might have been something quite rough for cosmic Karma to have granted him the role of intimate photographer of super hotties in this life, including quite famously his bikini and wet-topped photo session with Kate Upton early this summer for GQ magazine.

These photos and the related video absolutely did not disappoint, in fact, they stunned. And now Terry has posted some of the outtakes from this faptastic photo and video session, just to remind you how damn hot Kate Upton is in hardly any clothes and just what a lucky bastard he is for getting to document her thusly. Hey, we do get to ogle, and we're not complaining. Just wow! Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the Kate Upton ridiculously hot cover shoot video on GQ.

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