Jessica Pare Bikini Pictures Retro Hotness for 'Mad Men'

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I must admit to having lost some track of the Mad Men series, that show about advertisers in 1960's New York that everybody talks about but very few people actually watch. Of course, we do keep track of the best parts of all shows for you, including Mad Men and the delightfully gappy-toothed Jessica Pare and her sensational body.

Jessica was decked out in a 60's style bikini on the set of the show in Hawaii, because, well, what TV show doesn't go to Hawaii by it's fifth or sixth season, but the benefit to us oglers was a solid view of Jessica in her colorful two-piece, albeit hiding herself beneath a large floppy hat and sunglasses (the international signal of 'don't be surprised if I'm not as hot as you think when these Ms. Potatohead accessories come off in the bedroom'). Still, we've seen enough Jessica to know what we're dealing with and what we're dealing with is one alluring Cannuckian actress with a killer body. Enjoy.

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