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Jessica Alba Flashes Her Black Bra on Way to Her Office; We Have Work to Do

If you want to get in good with your girl, tell her you really admire the purses Jessica Alba carries with her everywhere. I have no idea what they are, but I'm quite sure they cost more than my monthly paycheck.

While your girl thinks you're doing some advanced Christmas shopping for her, you're really peeking at Jessica Alba's bra peeking out of her workout top, flashing a hint of what you might find in that dream you have where Jessica takes off her top after a long days work and asks you for a neck massage, but like most guys you give that two minutes before you move onto the front.

Do back massages ever just stay on the back? Nay. And with Jessica Alba, we'd be figuring out how to remove that black bra to see the Albas beneath. Enjoy.

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