Injustice: Gods Among Us Hits Your Bullseye with a Green Arrow Trailer (VIDEO)

We're not showing you Green Arrow because this looks cooler

With the simmering popularity of archery about to erupt in the wake of the first Hunger Games movie, the timing of the Green Arrow television show –and thus this Green Arrow-inspired trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us– couldn’t be better. Tweens and young people across the country are about to spend countless thrilling weeks, maybe even days, exploring the revolutionary ranged weapon that succeeded rock-throwing for so many of our ancestors. I say our ancestors because that’s how we got here. All of our forebears that resisted the bow-and-arrow era were rightfully devoured by polar bears for being hardheaded.

In any case have a look at Injustice: Gods Among Us and let us know –on Facebook– what you think about the following question: Should an arrow to the eye be able to kill Superman?