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Here are Some NFL Picks with Cheerleader Pics for Week Six

The Titans sure got this week off to an interesting start. The Steelers looked like they were mostly going through the motions, and they proved that their road woes are the real deal. The Steelers have now lost to Oakland and Tennessee on the road. Not exactly the best of the best.

We've got a few great games ahead of us though. Green Bay goes to Houston trying to avoid falling to 2-4 while the Texans look to go 6-0. That one is on Sunday night, too, so you don't have to worry about being distracted by other games to see if your number 3 fantasy receiver is doing anything to help you avoid losing. Then Monday night the Denver Peytons go into San Diego for a huge divisional game.

So last week I was 4-2, bringing my  season total to 17-13. Still crappy, but creeping further above .500 so I'll take it. This week I think I went out of my way to try and pick games that have a lot of interest. But I also went out of my way to find a couple of games that should be easy wins. I also try to pick games that will provide quality pics for the column, so really I'm doing this for all of you.

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