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Heather Clem Taped Herself Banging Hulk Hogan and a Bunch of Other Dudes Too

We at Egotastic! understand all facets of male behavior. And while we don't necessarily condone it, we understand why some guys insist on taping their sexual exploits. These are usually the same guys who insist on blow drying their hair while butt-naked in the gym locker room. However, when women start being the recording artists in the bedroom, our Spidey senses start tingling something fierce about some ulterior shenanigans beyond mere ego gratification.

Turns out Heather Clem and her husband turned ex-husband Bubba the Love Sponge had a knack for Heather turning on secret cameras to record her bumping of the uglies with other men. Whether this was for some kind of secret naughty fetish fun, or, in the case of Hulk Hogan, a potential plan for a little bit of extortion, well, either way, let's just call the girl's desire to be filmed something of a red flag.

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