Hannah Ware Heats Up the Pages of Esquire in a Little Black Slinky Thing

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Well, somebody from the show Boss was not very happy about appearing topless on our site, despite, you know, being topless in the TV show, so you may notice that material missing from the site now, but, Egotastic! never holds a grudge when it comes to super fine women, we really can't afford to. And, quite fortuitously, we gained a little bit of sextastic of Boss actress, the fine Britty brunette, Hannah Ware, courtesy of a simple, but wicked hot photoshoot in this month's Esquire magazine.

Now, we understand why some thespianics don't like to think of themselves as 'topless' performers, hey, not everybody is strong enough to stand up to Aunt Ruby at Thanksgiving and tell her that the accounting field is not for everybody, but we do always feel a tinge of sadness when anybody wishes to remove beautiful representations of the female form from the world. We shed a little guy tear. Just look at Hannah Ware, she's quite spectacular. A flower is to be shared, as I'm sure some poet wrote at some point in some bad verse. Enjoy.

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