Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week- Where Former Playboy Sextastic and Giant Living Tetris Blocks Make News

Where else will you find two such delightfully incongruous elements, together in crotch-to-crotch sexytime harmony? Nowhere, that’s where. That’s an Egotastic! guarantee (all affidavits and/or resultant lawsuits are the responsibility of our friend Hobo Joe, he does the jail time. We’ve had the bastard over a barrel since cctv caught him masturbating in the office toilets. Several times).

Today, for your eternal delectation, we reveal the erstwhile Playboy model and Sonya Blade (of Mortal Kombat) actress, who is running for the County Board, and the most ostentatious salute to video games that a halftime show has ever seen.

Elsewhere, Sony plant their formidable Jackboot of PR Chicanery squarely in the manplums of the PS Vita’s detractors, in an amusing Wait, come back! We’re not quite as shit as you think! display.
For more details, peruse all this insanity in the gallery.

Kotaku bring us more information on ‘Sonya’s’ shenanigans.

IGN presents the halftime show of nerdy delights.

And Sony’s BS comes courtesy of Destructoid.