Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Boobs, Beer and Burgers Equals Thrice the Win

Verily, this is news as the news was always intended to be. Heed our counsel, CNN! Refrain from informing us that a one-legged puppy has been shot in the face, or of the latest spate of grisly murder-izations (“‘A head and half a bollock were found in an alley that reeked of piss,’ clarified a police spokesman this morning”), and propel more of this business at our grateful groin-areas.

You can retain those whimsical closing stories, though, the comic denouement where a fish emails the coastguard to alert them to the impending tidal wave of something of that caliber. Those are always mucho appreciated.

Without further rambling ado, peruse the gallery for: Sextacularly cleave-y gaming Halloween costumes, beer powered -in the most literal manner possible- beach volleyball shenanigans and a triumvirate of Tyrants from Resident Evil cruising through Japan and… admiring some fast food.

IGN brings us the sexiest gaming costumes of 2012.

While Kotaku presents Corona Beach Volleyball and three bald bastards’ day as Mr X.