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Gamecocks Got Game and Nine Other Can't Miss College Football Games

Have you ever sat there on Saturday and thought," Man, these analysts don't have a clue what they are talking about. Shoot, if people knew who I was, I could make better predictions than those yahoos."

I'll admit--I am that kind of guy. Every Saturday I think that I could act as foolish as Lee Corso often does and for half the money too. Until ESPN gives me a call though, I'll be imparting my knowledge onto you kind folks.

Throughout the rest of the college football season I'll be making my picks straight up and against the spread (big thanks to the MGM-Mirage for the line). I'll look for what I think will be the most exciting games of the weekend and in no uncertain terms pick my winners.

Now on the off chance that you take my ramblings as advice, act on them, and win send my 20 percent to the Egotastic! offices. If you lose, well--umm, sorry man. Better luck next week?!

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