Gabrielle Anwar Bikini Pictures to Round-Out Two-Decades of Anwar-Lusting

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Now, I can't claim the same, but I know many of you first fell in lust with British actress Gabrielle Anwar as  young men seeing her pretty much nekkid in Body Snatchers, the umpteenth re-boot of the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers film. It was a fairly nice display of a then young 20-something Gabrielle Anwar unexpectedly flashing her bare body in this otherwise run of the mill horror flick.

Cut to almost two decades later, as Princess Margaret in The Tudors, Gabrielle garnered a whole series of new fans following her lovemaking scene aboard a rocking ship, which I suppose makes knocking boots a little bit easier, that is if you don't boot yourself from motion sickness.

And, now, some unexpectedly nice candids of the 40-something actress on the beach in Miami, where celebrities go to be seen in their tiny bikinis and have us say, "wow, she sure still looks great'. And, Gabrielle Anwar, fuck, you still look fantastic. Enjoy.

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