Florida State Loses and Other Poll Busting Action in College Football

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If you didn't watch any college football this past weekend go ahead and avoid your co-workers today. You don't want to look foolish when someone ask what you thought about that awesome Florid State game, the butt-kicking Florida put on LSU, or the absolute spanking that South Carolina put on Georgia.

However, in case you get cornered, there is a solution. You could check out the rest of this post and the gallery, and then you'll be in the know on all the greatest action from week six in college football!

Take the Florida State/NC State game. The Seminoles should have stomped on the necks of the Wolfpack and proved that they belong in national championship talks. After going ahead 16-0 at the half the Seminoles should have come out and run the table in the second half.

Instead, the Wolfpack defense held the Seminole offense to just 122 yards in the second half and kept them off the scoreboard while their offense produced 271 yards and 17 points including the game winning touchdown coming with 33 seconds left in the game.

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These games were not the only action that was hot this weekend. Notre Dame appears to be more than just a good defense with the way they ran roughshod over the Hurricanes. Texas A&M proved that it wasn't a mistake moving to the SEC with a solid win over Ole Miss. Stanford bounced back against a tough Arizona team in an exciting overtime game.

I could go on and on about all the action, or I could just say that if you want to see the rest of the best action from week six in college football--like a shootout between WVU and Texas--just check out the gallery!

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