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The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Lead off the Early NFL Lines for Week Five

Here we go, unless you're the Cowboys, Lions, Raiders or Buccaneers, because they're on byes this week. Still, 14 games is nothing to sneeze at. Last week I scoffed at Philly being a 2.5 favorite over the Giants. So what happens? The Eagles win by two. So they made me look bad, but they didn't cover. Betting on football can be a brutal roller coaster of emotions, so take these lines at your own risk. As always, we're using the lines from MGM - Mirage (unless noted), found on

Interesting fact this week is that there are six road favorites, or if you want to look at it the other way, six home dogs. Underdogs at home are a huge draw for a lot of people (so I've heard) who bet actual money on games. If you're betting breakfast burritos with the guy in the cubicle next to yours, you're not exactly a serious bettor. Though I'm sure those burritos are terrific. Atlanta, Arizona, Green Bay, Baltimore, Chicago and Houston are the road teams favored to win. The Cards are the shakiest of the bunch. So here's your early lines, good luck out there.

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