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Double Shot of Cheryl Cole: Cleavy Nightclub Departure and 2013 Smoking Hot Calendar Pics

Sometimes, one shot just ins't enough.

For our deep and abiding lust for Cheryl Cole, the former Girls Aloud 'singer' and current X-Factor judge, we just need to smother ourselves in as much of her wonderments as possible. Like a comforting blanket or a warm welcoming vagina.

Cheryl was out last and flashing some serious cleavage at the Whisky Mint nightclub in London. But for an all too well-designed top and a couple more drinks, Cheryl could have easily fallen and flopped her tops right out into the public eye. We were definitely waiting.

And while we're confessing our crush on all things Cheryl Chole, you must, really must, take a gander at her 2013 wall calendar that shall in a couple months time now be hanging on our office wall, helpings us count the passage of time, and our own passages for some private time in the lavatory thinking about Cheryl. She is a minx. Enjoy.

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