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Collin Klein and Manti Te'o Lead the Pack of Heisman Contenders at Mid-season

It's almost amazing how the list of potential Heisman candidates changes so much from the beginning of the season to mid-season. Just about everyone has six or seven games under their belts, and that has given many guys a chance to cement their status as contenders as well as prove that they are not worthy.

While there still are several names on the list that started the season on it there are many who have dropped out of contention (Montee Ball, Denard Robinson, Marcus Lattimore, Tyler Wilson, EJ Manuel,Knile Davis, Aaron Murray, Tajh Boyd, etc).

It would have made for a heck of a season had Matt Barkley been able to go from beginning to end as the front-runner, but that dream went away pretty quick. Barkley looked a little lost as soon as he played a good team (Stanford; 20-41, 254 yards, no TDs, 2 INTs), and it took him a couple of games to settle down and start playing like the Golden Boy again.

His fall gave the star of Geno Smith a chance to rise though. Had Barkley not faltered he probably would have taken over as front-runner anyway after throwing for just under 400 yards a game through the first five weeks with 24 touchdowns and no interceptions. After his star was tarnished by Texas Tech and West Virginia the front-runner spot became open yet again.

Currently it is held by either Collin Klein from Kansas State or Manti Te'o from Notre Dame depending on who you talk to. To see who is going to give these two a run for their money check out the gallery!

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